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Photographic Archive and Studio Marco Ravenna

photographing the art requires a large technical experience but at the same time the ability to interpret the subject to make the most of the color visual effect and the original material

Grapes of different color: Uva Bianca e nera by Marco Ravenna on

Short CV      :

Welcome in the Photographic Archive and Studio Marco Ravenna web site.
Here you will find amazing Italian and foreign artistic heritage images. You can see these photos, do research and require some of them.

Specialised for Reproduction of paintings and works of art for collectors.

 UK agent : Yael Ravenna (Brighton) email : .

Please ask for any question.

You will be updated about the Studio news. You will penetrate a wonderful world of emotions,which only the photography can create.

At the moment  this archive rapresents a very important link between the traditional  and the digital tecniques in Italian style 

For any request about the Archive and for Services, please contact us :


The pictures in galeries and in archive section area free of charge for non commercial use.  

 From Dec. 3 / 2010     Marco Ravenna    begins teaching  

Academic Level 2 Diploma in Graphic Design with a concentration in Photography Images of Cultural Heritage   : 

The two-year form professional photographers are able to face the world of work beyond the apparent specificity of the subject. The course aims to provide a theoretical, methodological and functional design to form a bivalent that of the professional photographer / cultural heritage community.





Добро пожаловать на веб-сайт фотографического архива и студия Marco Ravenna.
Здесь вы найдете удивительные образы художественного наследия итальянских и зарубежных. Вы можете увидеть эти фотографии, сделать исследования и требуют некоторых из них.

Вы будете в курсе о новостях Studio. Вы будете проникать в удивительный мир эмоций, которые только фотография может создать.

На данный момент этот архив rapresents очень важным связующим звеном между традиционными и цифровыми tecniques в итальянском стиле

Для любого запроса об архиве и за услуги, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами :





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