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Due to collaboration with prestigious Italian and foreign publishing firms, the Marco Ravenna Archive and Photographic Studio carried out photographic campaigns for more then forty art books, in the space of twenty years, taking complete care of the visual display.
You could definitely say that the high quality of the thousands of photographic images taken for many publishing companies was an extraordinary and undefeatable instrument in the spreading of Italian and European historic and artistic heritage.

Of these most prestigious publishing initiatives allow us point out the Popular Culture in Emilia-Romagna (1977-1982) and The Hearth of Culture in Emilia-Romagna (1983-1988).

Of particular importance also is the stimulating collaboration with the Institute of the Treccani Italian Encyclopaedia for the realisation of the Encyclopaedia of Medieval Art (go to the website). We would like to point out the realisation of the anastatic copy of the famous Bible of Borso d'Este (go to the website) published by Franco Cosimo Panini (go to the web site) and the digital reproduction for the University of Bologna, of 3000 pages of watercolours of table of plants, flowers, fruit, animals, spread over 18 volumes, commisioned by Ulisse Aldovrandi.

The studio collaborates with:
• Amilcare Pizzi Arti Grafiche
• Bolis Editore
• Edizioni Diabasis
• Elemond
• Franco Maria Ricci Editore
• Gabriele Corbo Editore
• Gallimard
• Gruppo Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori
• Gruppo Editoriale Panini
• Istituto dell'Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani
• Jaca Book
• Marsilio Editori
• Oxford University Press
• Poligrafico Artioli
• Touring Club Italiano

The studio constantly carries out services for offices, museums, libraries, archives, universities and banks.

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